Run Turtle Run

High Definition Video 

Still Photography


Up to fifty (50) still photos of the property, depending on the size of the home. We will take as many photos as necessary to cover the home and allow you a choice of what to use for your listing.

Retouched, resized and optimized and a set in full resolution for printing. All photos will be delivered to you the next day via email download.

We pride ourselves in taking High Dynamic Range Photographs which using available natural light eliminate the typical white window "blowout" of most real estate photography!

Discount pricing is based on shooting at the same time as a Video Tour.

 $50 | still photography shot at the same time as a video tour

$150 | still photography only

4,000+ square feet | +$75/ 1,000 square feet

After the shoot, the video is professionally edited. Transitions are utilized to guide the viewer through the home. The background music will be selected from royalty free music at no charge and free from copyright restrictions. At your request, I can provide you with two videos, one branded with company logo, and one without.

Each video takes more than 5+ hours in transcoding, editing, and compression for the web. Any changes, no matter how insignificant they seem, require a complete re-edit and recompression of the material, so there is no such thing as "a small change". We will happily correct any errors that we make at no charge. Any additional editing changes, etc. that you would like made after the fact are $50. If there are specific rooms you do or don't want filmed, or specific contact information you would like us to use, please be sure everything is correct before the video is edited.

This is a 1-3 minute video, depending on the size of the home presented with background music. With these videos, your buyer will be able to get a feel of life in the home as well as can make smaller spaces feel larger than they are. All videos are optimized for web viewing and are fully compatible with any mobile device.

$300 | 2,000 square feet or less + $100/ additional 1,000 square feet